Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anonymous surfing on the network – the investigations on request

When you surf the Internet you will be able to find out information about yourself, if you do not want to reveal what it is. This is true even when the agency consists of any software viruses or spyware and adware. Most of the information is readily available online includes your Ip, your country (and often more information location according to the Ip), what your computer is good, what browser you are using, browsing history, along with other information. Will deteriorate. People would probably get your computer's title as your title, and discover if your machine supports programs such as finger or identd. Also, snacks can track your habits in your area from computer to computer.

How someone understands this fundamental details about yourself?

Each time you visit another site, can retrieve details about you. Essentially, detail is intercepted and used by others for your online activities.

How can I prevent this from happening?

Beginning, will be able to owners of serfs the net anonymously and thereby stop leaving a trail for others to find. Note that this is not a blunder-proof, however, make it harder for people to understand what you're causing. You will find elements, known as anonymous proxy servers that contribute to your establishment. The anonymous proxy server replaces your email address because of the same. Has the effect of hiding your Ip and that makes it more difficult for your discovery.

How do you have an anonymous proxy server?

You will find many vendors who sell anonymous proxy servers. You will also find free proxies to open. Two such components are ShadowSurf and Guardster. Guardster ( wide) provides many services for anonymous and secure web access, some offset except a free service. ShadowSurf ShadowSurf ( wide) provides anonymous browsing their website free of charge. Visit and will find a box to go to a URL that I liked to trace. You will find many more, but listed here are two commonly used.

Another product of interest, due to the recent news about the Google internet search engine in the block that the Chinese Government findings must be Anonymizer (http://world wide The corporation, inter alia, recently (February 2006 first) down "the creation of a new anti-censorship solution that will allow the Chinese people to have safe access to the entire Internet without filter" ( http://world wide).

An anonymous proxy server causes your 100% safe?

No. Still, you're much better, if you are using this technology.

Other things you should insist on trying to keep my personal information private?

Three other products spring to mind when trying to keep your private data. Firstly, you should use a coded link to hide your surfing. This short article is not about this in detail, but a search on the Internet and you'll find some detailed information online about this. Then remove snack after each session. Third, you can set your browser to get rid from JavaScript, Java and active content. Really the result of restrictions, so you need to consider the strategy of priceOradvantage.

Other things?

Want to content and safe browsing!